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*This is a pre-order and a fundraiser for production of the film ENGRAM.*

MO*TE - Soundtrack To ENGRAM CD

"In these times, we are immersed in the dark reality of inarticulate fear that leaves behind moral havoc, alienation and insensitivity to the events of the present. ENGRAM is the reverse of this reality - it is its reflection - an attempt to look at the sources and effects of this fear.

Between splintered glances, we see what one is not allowed to look at. Between broken words, we speak of what has been consumed by silence. Tragedy is inevitable, so let the ode to INJUSTICE be chanted! Because there is no punishment for sin or reward for virtue. Therefore, M. asks: Does it matter who is guilty if there is no one who can judge?" - Basia Napora

ENGRAM is an independently funded feature film by Basia Napora, produced by White Centipede Noise. Shot on 16mm film, principal photography begins July, 2021 on the Baltic Sea in northern Poland.

Legendary Japanese noise artist Fumiyuki Nagura aka MO*TE is composing the score.

A limited-edition CD of MO*TE's score is available exclusively by supporting the film's production. All proceeds from the CD sales go directly to the production of the film. As this is a pre-order, the earliest the CD will ship is Winter, 2021.