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PARANOID TIME - Lip Rippers 7"


10 years ago, I started White Centipede Noise in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a short list of artists I dearly wanted to work with, PARANOID TIME being at the top. I approached him about a 7” and within that first year, he delivered a beastly master. I, for some reason, flaked and carried on with my life for the next 10 years as the dickweed who flaked on the Paranoid Time 7”.

I unearthed the master in 2020 while cleaning house, put it on the stereo and had my wig pushed fully back. Side A is the brashest imaginable no-frills in-your-face junk-metal abuse, spanning from wild high-end scraping to bowel-rattling lows, most certainly made with a rusty machete. Side B is a harsh knuckle-dragging drone, staring you down like “I WISH YOU WOULD,” complete with a fake out “2 FOR FLINCHING” ending. Classic midwest tough guy shit.

I am literally humbled to be bringing this 7” out 10 years late, on the 10 year anniversary of WCN. Pat has been a noise hero of mine since day one, so this one really means a lot to me. This is WCN006.

Limited to 100 hand numbered copies, in card-stock sleeves with photo prints.

Exclusively available from WCN and select brick and mortar shops: Skeleton Dust (Dayton, OH), Dead Gods (Brooklyn, NY) and Discreet Music (Gothenburg, SWE), more to follow...