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General Information / Ordering FAQ

White Centipede Noise is a harsh noise label and distro founded in the USA in 2010, now based in Europe. 

Shipping/Delivery Times

You will receive an email notification once your order has been shipped. Please allow at least two weeks from the time you place your order before contacting me to inquire if your order has shipped yet. Orders typically ship within one week of being received. Often times sooner, occasionally later, depending on the circumstances. I maintain this mailorder alongside several other full-time commitments, so please keep that in mind and be patient when ordering. 

Transit time once your order has shipped can vary and is out of my control. Delivery times can range from 3-5 days to 2-3 weeks, and in some cases even longer depending on your location and the global situation (i.e. pandemics, civil unrest, etc.) Please allow at least 3 weeks after notification of shipment before contacting me to inquire about your package.

Ordering Procedure

If possible, please order directly through this site, rather than per email. This helps me keep my inventory orderly and avoids your order being delayed or accidentally oversold. Though it is not preferred, payment via bank transfer external from the site is possible if you are unable to pay with Paypal. To order this way: write an email stating your shipping address and a clear list of the items you wish to order. You will receive a reply with your total, as well as payment instructions. After your payment has been received, your items will be shipped. If you cancel your order, neglect to pay, or are unresponsive during this process, you may be banned from ordering in this way in the future.

Shipping Costs/Flat Rate

I try to keep shipping prices as low as possible, charging cheap flat rate fees. Often times, my actual shipping cost is more than what is charged through the site, but this is to try to ensure the imperfect shipping calculator favors the customer. However, the flat rate fee is not guaranteed when combing separate orders or adding on to an existing. In this case, your orders will be shipped together if possible and exact shipping will be charged. Significantly overcharged shipping (>€1.50) will alway be refunded when the orders are processed.

Adding On Items To An Order

If you have placed an order which has not shipped yet and wish to add something to it, please place a new separate order through the site with a note indicating your previous order. If it is possible, they will be combined and the overpaid shipping will be refunded to you when the orders are processed.

Lost/Returned Packages

I cannot take responsibility for replacing packages lost by the postal system, though I may try to offer some consolation at my discretion. If you are concerned about the possibility of your package being lost due to an unreliable postal system in your country or for any other reason, please consider adding tracking to your order for +€3.

If your package is returned to me by the postal service, I may require you to pay for it to be reshipped to you, unless it is expressly due to a mistake on my part.

Item Condition 

All items are new, unless otherwise noted. However, many items are of a handmade/DIY nature and may have arrived to me in less than *Mint* condition. Items may or may not come shrink wrapped. 


It doesn't hurt to ask, but in most cases I am not able to take reservations on incoming items. I try to stock all titles plentifully, but naturally, some highly sought after items sell out very quickly. The best way to receive first notification of newly added stock is to sign up for the email list.


In some cases, I may be open for trading label or distro stock for certain rare noise items for my personal collection. Feel free to make a proposal!

Please feel free to write with any questions: whitecentipedenoise@gmail.com